Are you an Ace or a Joker?

The Wild Cards are back in , an all new adventure edited by George R. R. Martin. With new Aces and Jokers, as well as some old favorites, the latest book in this long-running shared-world series has us wondering: if we lived in Martin’s world, would we be an Ace or a Joker? Or would we just be dead? If you’re wondering the same thing, wonder no longer: our quiz will tell you your fate!

6 thoughts on “Are you an Ace or a Joker?

  1. I’m guessing I thrive as a Joker. Something tells me that Aces underestimate Jokers as they see they have powers and assume what they are. I feel this is a weakness that I use to achieve far more than any would expect of me.

  2. Twice i got human with different answers seems im not cut out to be a superhero or a superpowered bad guy lol

  3. Joker well it can’t be that bad depending what type of deformation I get nevertheless I am mighty 😉

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