New Releases: 10/23

Happy New Release Day! Here’s what went on sale today.

 by Richard Baker

Lieutenant Sikander North has avoided an outright court martial and finds himself assigned to a remote outpost in the crumbling, alien Tzoru Empire—where the navy sends trouble-makers to be forgotten. When Sikander finds himself in the middle of an alien uprising, he, once again, must do the impossible: smuggle an alien ambassador off-world, break a siege, and fight the irrational prejudice of his superior officers. The odds are against his success, and his choices could mean disgrace—or redemption.


 Story and art by Nyoijizai

 Story and art by Souryuu

 Story and art by Akihito Tsukushi

 Story and art by Kentaro Sato

 Story and art by Kina Kobayashi

 Story and art by Synecdoche

 Story and art Masaki Kawakami

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