Tor Books Presents: Dragon Week!


Ok. Now that we’ve got that out of our systems, here’s your home for all things #DragonWeek. Check out our expert advice and ebook deals through the links below and follow the discourse on Twitter!

How to Survive A Dragon Attack

Deadliest Dragons
With Spine of the Dragon author Kevin J. Anderson


Dragon Conservation
With A Natural History of Dragons and Turning Darkness Into Light author Marie Brennan


Top Dragon Slayers with
With Blood of an Exile author Brian Naslund

Famous Dragons vs. Famous Sharks!


Celebrate Dragon Week With These Epic Ebook Deals!


13 thoughts on “Tor Books Presents: Dragon Week!

  1. Given the story lines of most dragon legends, it might also be useful to advise the dragons on how to survive a hero attack.

  2. Which brings to mind an image that I recall from the 80’s, when computer art was monochromatic, and my display was 512 pixels wide:

    Sometimes the dragon wins:

  3. I immediately thought of some Gary Larson classics:

  4. Naomi Novik also has a dragon series with good and bad dragons that combine the world of dragons with that of the Master and Commander series in her Temmeraire books.

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  6. How can you have a Dragon page without The Dragons of Pern? These are surely the dragons we would choose if we could choose dragons for our planet.

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